Entreprenerdy, Iværksætterdanmark and Erhvervshus Hovedstaden presents: Creating the Creative Business – taught in English. Online. 5 x 1,5 hours between April 7 & April 21.

Get a firm grip on the formalities of business in order to reserve even more energy for your creative/artistic work. 

 In this course we offer you the skillset of how to use a business model as a strategic tool for making an overview of your business as a creative/artist. The approach of the course is very practical and hands-on and you will be in a group of likeminded entrepreneurs and get to share knowledge and feedback. 

The course is for all entrepreneurs in arts or other creative trades. You do not have to be CVR-registered but if you are, your business can’t have been founded before 30/8/2016.  

The course is, apart from your time and enthusiasm, absolutely free. 

Do it for art, man  

We know that strategic business stuff might not be the primary reason you started, or are contemplating starting, your business. You’re probably driven by passion, talent or skills that compel you to try and make a living based on your artistic/creative output. In this course we will help you focus on the more strategical and practical aspects of establishing and running an economically sustainable business. For example:  

  • Mapping your resources to get the crucial overview. 
  • Examining your business ideaWho are your customers and what value do you offer them? 
  • Work with a business modelling tool that fits you and all the many different elements of your practice. 
  • Your short and long-term objectives and possibilities for securing funding – planning for the next step.    

Your guides on the road from good idea to great business 

Over the last 8 years Entreprenerdy have helped +1000 creative entrepreneurs gain important skills within business development and make a step-by-step plan for developing their businessesWith this course they would love to get the chance to do the same for you. 


Iværksætterdanmark is co-funded by European Structural Funds. 

07. april 2021 11:00 -
21. april 2021 12:30

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Frederik Müntzberg, Erhvervshus Hovedstaden